Thursday, September 1, 2016

Back at the Drawing Board

I'm excited to be back at the drawing board.  It has been a while since I've held a HB pencil and created an imaginary world filled with my characters.

The very first time I picked up a pencil and started DRAWING I knew right then and there that drawing was going to be a big part of my life.  I had visions of working for Walt Disney.  I would spend hours and hours in my room as a child just drawing and drawing (mostly Disney characters).  I became a hermit in my own bedroom.  I only came out to bathe and eat.

After graduating high school, I planned on going to college to get a degree in Art.  Well, life happened and needless to say I let my dreams die and fade away.   Fast forward to the present, I finally want to do something with the talent I was given.

I enjoy illustrating and writing children's books.  No, I have not published anything and no, I have not had the opportunity to illustrate for anyone other than myself. Hopefully, one day soon, I will make my dreams come true and live the rest of my life as an illustrator and writer of children's books.

Right now, I am currently working on my counting book featuring Timby (he's the handsome cat below) and some barnyard fun.  I will post some of my drawings in the near future.

Join me and Timby on my journey in becoming a published children's illustrator/writer.

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