Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Illustration Friday Week 2 (Soup)

This is the second week I entered an illustration for the Illustration Friday challenge.  This week's topic is "soup."

Here is my rough draft done in pencil, pen and ink.

I did not like how the tongue looked so I got rid of it.  I opened my picture in GIMP and got rid of sea creature coming out of his mouth and added teeth.  This illustration was then digitally colored.
I must admit this was the first time I digitally colored and I enjoyed it.  I'm not ready to go digital all the time but every now and then...I think that would be fine.

The blue one below was my original that I submitted but once I downloaded it, you couldn't see my carrot, chicken and celery very good.  I went back in and lightened the background.

As I stated in my previous post entitled, "Illustration Block" I started this challenge last week and I absolutely love it!   It not only keeps me drawing but it stimulates my creative mind....And I can tell you, I definitely need that.  

I can't wait to see what the new topic is for next week.  

See what I did for my first Illustration Friday Challenge here.

Until then...It's back at the drawing board for me.

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