Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Illustration Friday Week 3

This week's topic for Illustration Friday is, "Spiral."

My first idea was to do an overhead illustration of a sink and garbage disposal with veggies going down the disposal in a spiral fashion.  It looked like this:

I nixed that idea because I just done veggies in my illustration for the "Soup" topic last week. 

So I opened up GIMP and created this background.  Well, that was quite boring so of course I had to add something to it.  I can't just have a spiral background.

I then thought of this cute hippo holding a spiral lollipop.

I colored it in GIMP and made a transparent background.  

Then it was off to PICMONKEY and I added my hippo as an overlay and put some finishing touches  on it and VIOLA.... The spiral Hippo was completed.   

So this has been another edition of the Illustration Friday challenge.  I'm pleased with what I created. 

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Until the next time it's back to the drawing board for me....

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