Monday, February 13, 2017

Boy Illustration for Tear Sheets

I just wanted to post this new illustration I done.  If you read my post on, "Expressive Picture Book Characters, then you know I'm not as comfortable drawing children as I am animals.

So I decided to practice illustrating children.   I think I will start a series on different emotions with children and use them for my tear sheets.

What is a tear sheet you may ask?  A tear sheet is basically printed samples of your work.  As I was going through my 2017 Children's Writer and Illustrator Market, the majority of book publishers want illustrators to mail tear sheets to them to review.

I found a couple of great sites that explain how to create tear sheets : and Lisa Thiesing Children's Book Illustrator.

So, I will add tear sheets to my list of things to do for 2017.  Once I get them done I will post them so you can review.

Until then, it's back at the drawing board for me.

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