Monday, December 25, 2017

November Pinch Punch Post

This month's Pinch Punch Post topic is "Robin."

People often think of robins as a sign of Spring.  Unfortunately, this is not true.  Not all Robins migrate, they just hide out in the trees during the winter months.  An article posted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology states, "it's a lack of food more than anything that causes some robins to migrate further south for the winter."

Just a little piece of information to pass on.  I always thought when you spotted a robin it was a sign of spring coming.

Here is my illustration for November's Pinch Punch Post.

That little guy is waiting for his dinner.  The illustration was drawn with pencil and ink and then digitally colored.

Until next time, it's time for me to get back at the drawing board.  

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